Politeknik Keselamatan Transportasi Jalan


2015-12-09 , Admin

This course is an applied science which is the development of the discipline of mechanical engineering, electronics and automotive engineering. Currently, the development of the automotive world is very fast, by combining 4 (four) is the science disciplines of mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, electronics engineering and informatics techniques that we now know some of the terms in the automotive world as ototronik the system in a motor vehicle that combines the principles of the sophistication of automotive electronics. Control systems in vehicles are no longer in the conventional but uses system known as On Board Diagnostic (OBD). Adalagi the term smart car motor vehicle system combines automotive technology with information technology that enables users guided vehicles at night, or avoid getting lost on the street, or communicate with other road users in a corridor and so on. Then adalagi term hybrid that combines mechanical engineering and electronics engineering, where a possible car has 2 (two) types of energy sources, could use a combustion engine (internal combustion engines) or using electricity. It is intended that the fuel consumption can be reduced as low as possible.

The progress picture over the automotive world today described the current after-market automotive world in dire need of specific competencies to master three disciplines are combined into a single competency. Mechanics should now be able to use the engine scanner, controlled engine management system and so on. Study programs in mechanical engineering and automotive education clearly does not accommodate this need. At the moment nearly all technicians and general mechanical workshop and car manufacturers routinely have to learn specifically about the development of automotive technology to be able to serve the automotive after market. Diploma courses Automotive Safety Engineering IV is designed to produce graduates who are ready and able / mastering the latest automotive technology is a combination / combination of various disciplines before, so that graduates of this program will meet the competency requirements of modern garages, car manufacturers and officials responsible for auditing and inspecting public workshop / public transport companies. These characteristics and specifications Safety Engineering Diploma IV.